While native advertising is on a tear, it’s not always easy for brands to get it “to scale” in a variety of venues.

That could change, if DistroScale is onto something.

“Brands are currently enamored with sponsored content. But often, a challenge advertisers encounter is that producing effective sponsored content requires doing so on a site by site basis, limiting how widely distributed these campaigns can be,” says Mike Shields in a post for the Wall Street Journal blog.

New tech startup DistroScale believes it can do better. Word is the company has already inked deals with a variety of Web publishers and advertisers who want to boost their sponsored content offerings.

“Among the brands testing DistroScale are McDonald’s, National Geographic, Vizio, and the electric car company Elio Motors,” writes Shields. “The firm says it has lined up distribution deals with 600 websites overall, ranging from newspaper and TV station sites managed by companies like E.W. Scripps, as well as the millennial-focused Defy Media. Another partner, Digital First Media, is currently running a sponsored content campaign for the tourism organization Explore Minnesota.”

DistroScale is not the first firm to make such automation promises. Recently, Publicis went into partnership with startups Nativo and TripleLift in an effort to design a “native ad exchange.”

The company’s founders, who come from Yahoo and Google DoubleClick, say that DistroScale is strictly focused on sponsored content, not other forms of native ads, like images from brands sites or social media posts.

“In other words, a brand like Kraft could produce an article on tailgating recipes, and it could be delivered to hundreds of sites, and this content would automatically be presented like other sponsored posts on that site,” explains Shields.

That’s because DistroScale’s technology is built for publishing content, not serving Web ads, claims co-founder/CEO Navdeep Saini.

“Most of the ad platforms out there are built to track and deliver banners,” said company co-founder and CEO Navdeep Saini. “This is a content management system. A lot of these guys are moving the banner front and center. That’s their answer to native. We built platform from the ground up for sponsored content.”

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